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South Africa has a rich history of mining and the nation was built on the profits of the mining industry. Since the first diamonds were found on the banks of Orange River in 1886, the mining of precious jewels and metals has helped South Africa become the century economic hub for the continent. Up till this day, mining is still a large percentage of the total GDP of this country (18% inclusive of direct and indirect contributions).

South Africa has an extensive range of mineral products that are found in our soils. Some of the biggest mines in the world for Chrome, platinum, vermiculite, manganese, and vanadium are found in South Africa. We are also one of the biggest global producers of diamonds and gold which can be used for both jewellery production as well as engineering equipment and parts.

Mining Industry and it’s contribution to Job Opportunities

Not only is the mining industry a big part of the GDP, it is also one of the sectors that produce the most number of job and labour opportunities. Currently, there are over half a million labourers directly employed by the mining industry and another half a million employed by associating industries (such as machinery and parts suppliers etc.).

In a highly demanding industry such as this, the safety requirements are strict and need vigilant monitoring. The mine workers are considered a high-risk group in terms of job safety. Faulty machinery can directly cause risks that are detrimental to the health and safety of the workers. Therefore, the significance of machine maintenance as well as utilising reliable machine parts play a big role in the functionality of the mine.

Mining Industry

The Mining industry is a high cost, high return operation that needs a well-flowing production line. Unreliable equipment and parts can indirectly cause the entire line and result in profitable time being wasted. This could cause the loss of millions.

Therefore, at Africa Bearings, we only supply the most reliable mining related products that are produced by the most reputable brands globally.

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