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In today’s highly industrialised world, agriculture seems to have taken a step back away from the limelight and society has given more focus to manufacturing or urbanisation. However, we cannot undermine the importance of agriculture as one of the fundamental necessities for our growing global population.

In South Africa, the agriculture sector is responsible for an estimated 7% of the country’s formal employment rate and 12% of the annual GDP (stats courtesy of South African Government). It expands across a multitude of industries ranging from livestock and poultry, fruit and vegetables, dairy, liquor, as well as fisheries just to name a few.

Agricultural Equipment

Due to the vast expanse of produce involved in this sector, it would need a variety of specified equipment and machinery to implement the relevant farming processes.

Although 12% of South Africa’s total area can be used for agriculture, only 22% of that portion is considered high-potential arable land. The majority of our landscape is considered semi-desert with limited rainfall. This puts a strain on the growth of the crops, thus, putting in a reliable irrigation system is amongst one of the top priorities for all farmers.

One other important factor in the farming industry is harvesting the crops. In earlier ages, crops were harvested with manual labour by farm hands. This method has now been replaced by the more efficient machine harvest. This is a perfect example of how a rural industry has now also integrated with modern technology.


On the other hand, South Africa is also a major producer of meat and other animal products. The demand for locally raised beef and lamb is growing not only here, but internationally as well. The South African beef is top quality and is relatively cheaper than those in Europe or America. This can be contributed to superior skills in processes such as animal feeding or weaning.

In addition to the basic agriculture, South Africa has a vast Agroprocessing sector, spanning across industries such as meat products, dried fruits, wines, and natural fibres just to name a few. Due to world-class natural resources and counter-seasonality to Europe and America, South African crops are popular export items internationally.

At Africa Bearings, we strive to provide the most reliable farm and construction equipment in the country. To stay ahead in your industry, you will need the right equipment for the job. That’s why we strive to only offer products that are dependable and can deliver consistent results. Our range of equipment and materials used for the agricultural industry are sourced from reputable manufacturers and have guaranteed state of the art quality.

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