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The 21st Century is the era of consumerism and industrialisation. With the growing economy and industry, the demand for energy has risen exponentially in the last few decades. With the excessive energy consumption, issues such as global warming and power shortages are stemming out to be serious global concerns. Therefore, clean renewable energy is becoming the top priority research topic for scientists and engineers.

With burning coal being the most used method of energy production, the demand for parts to support the machinery and equipment is also very high. The reliability of the equipment and parts directly determines the safety of the workers as well as the amount of power output at the plant.

Although coal power is majorly significant, the power industry has developed other means of more sustainable energy sources. We at Africa Bearings support the investment in renewable energy production methods such as the wind and hydro turbines. These use the same principle for generating electricity: turning a turbine with a naturally occurring force (water and wind).

Wind and water turbines are intricately designed and fitted with engineered parts such as ball bearings to rotate the necessary mechanisms. The causes constant friction on any movable parts, which puts major pressure on the quality of the products. Therefore, Africa Bearings will only supply products from the most reliable and internationally recognised brands.

In the case of South Africa, a dependable energy source is one of the determining factors that influence the social-economic development of this country. Events such as load shedding and cable theft can cost the country millions of Rands in terms of production losses for a variety of industries.

Therefore it is fundamentally important to have reliable machinery in order to ensure sustained power output.

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