Automotive manufacturing is a high demand and decidedly specialised industry that requires constant innovation and advancements in order to keep up with the consumer needs. To ensure that a car acquires the relevant safety and quality ratings, it is important that the manufacturer chooses reliable suppliers of auto parts.

South Africa is home to production plants for many global leaders of the automotive industry including Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors, BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Renault, and Nissan. The majority of the plants are clustered in Eastern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.


Due to the large amounts of foreign investments in the local car industry, it is now one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the country, occupying a great percentage of the annual GDP. The vehicles assembled in South Africa are being exported all over other developing countries in Africa as well as developed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and Germany just to name a few.

Africa Bearings Parts:

With the sector being so successful, it subsequently stimulates the local autos component and vehicle part suppliers’ industry. At Africa Bearings, we are proud to be a part of this supply chain and have always offered top-notch products that have been used by many world-class automobile brands.

As a nation, South Africa has put in place a number of policies and programs to support local automotive suppliers. The main initiative is the Auto Supply Chain Competitiveness Initiative (ASSCI) which aims to develop supplier capabilities, localisation, and strategy in order to improve competitiveness and achieve job creation.

The quality of the product is one of the major defining factors in any given business sector. In the vehicle industry, quality is imperative because even the smallest engineering error may cost the lives of the passengers. Therefore, Africa Bearings is dedicated to only providing the most reliable auto components from internationally recognised manufacturers to ensure that our products remain to the highest standards.

At Africa Bearings, we offer a wide range of different vehicle components from a choice of top-notch brand names that are reputable for their reliability, quality, and safety. These include the following:

  • SKF: With over a century of professional engineering experience, SKF is definitely one of the global industry leaders in the auto components industry. They specialise in roller bearings, lubrication systems, transmission systems, and mechatronics just to name a few.
  • FTE Automotive: The FTE Automotive Group has 11 production sites spread across the globe and is one of the leading suppliers for many notable automobile manufacturers. They specialise in brakes systems and drive trains for motor vehicles.

These are just two out of the many high-quality international brands that we stock at Africa Bearings. For the full range of our automotive catalog, please visit our products page or alternatively fill in the Contact Form for one of our consultants to get in touch.
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