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SKF Enlight QuickCollect | Machine Monitoring | Africa Bearings
SKF Enlight QuickCollect

SKF Enlight QuickCollect

“Now everyone can monitor machine health”

You don’t need extensive training or diagnostic expertise to use the SKF Enlight QuickCollect Sensor. This innovative technology brought to us by SKF is cost-effective; call out fees may cost a fortune and it is vital to monitor your machine health. The QuickCollect Sensor is easy to use, Bluetooth enabled and connects to your tablet, cellphone or smartwatch via an application. The data extracted can be viewed in real time or transferred to the cloud for future analysis. One of the major benefits of purchasing this device is that you will have access to expert advise through SKF’s remote diagnostics services.

SKF Enlight QuickCollect Price

At a competitive price of R22 000, you can now own your very own SKF Enligh QuickCollect device! Turn your mobile device into leading-edge technology driven by data collection. For data collection in hazardous areas, specially built and intrinsically safe ATEX Zone 1-compliant smartphones and tablets are available.

SKF Enlight consists of:

  • Data Collect (Mobile Application) and the SKF Wireless Machine Condition Detector (WMCD).
  • The WMCD is a sensor that mounts magnetically to a machine and measures vibration data; the data is relayed to Data Collect via Bluetooth for visualisation and vibration levels are benchmarked against ISO standards.
  • The user sees the assessment as a simple “traffic light” (red, amber, or green) indicator.
  • If an “On Demand Diagnostic” is warranted, an SKF RDC expert then would analyze the data and send a report on the cause of any fault with recommended remedial actions to the user’s email account.
  • The WMCD sensor additionally takes a simultaneous measurement of bearing condition using patented SKF algorithms to assess the severity of any damage or wear.
  • Identify developing rotating machinery issues before they become problems.

Increase productivity and profitability with SKF’s Enlight QuickCollect!

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