From Top Class Bearings to Africa Bearings

From Top Class Bearings to Africa Bearings

Posted on: August 16th, 2017 
Top Class Bearings Name Change
Top Class Bearings to Africa Bearings

Other than the name, not much has changed

Top Class Bearings has become a familiar name in the Industry, known for quality products and reliable services. With our name change, we will continue supplying our clients with that which they have become accustomed to. We may have changed our name from Top Class Bearings to Africa Bearings, but our values and dedication remain intact. With a great name comes great responsibility, Africa Bearings aim is to become a nationally recognised brand.

So, why the name change?

To put it in simple terms; a company named Torre Parts and Components has acquired Top Class Bearings elder sibling Top Class Automotive. The agreement was that Top-Class Bearings would need to change its name, as “Top Class” is an associated brand founded by owner Richard Pinard back in 1997.

What else has changed?

New Telephone Number:
021 060 0487

Postal Address:
P.O. box 574,
Century City

Africa Bearings Industry Range

We will continue supplying your business with quality products and services to Industries with tailor-made solutions to reduce energy consumption and help improve performance in the following areas:

With a secure and updated website, a new logo design and a winning attitude; we are ready to take on bigger challenges and we are excited about the future of Africa Bearings. For more information on the purchase of Top Class Automotive by Torre Parts and Components view this article.