SKF in India

SKF in India

Posted on: August 15th, 2017 

With two centres up and running in India and a plan to build three more in the Cities where SKF is present, the programme “YES”, short for the “Youth Empowerment Programme” has been running since 2013. This programme is set to train the youth of India between the ages of 18 and 24 who come from economically challenged backgrounds and equip them with skills that can generate a livelihood. This programme will not only benefit the country by supplying employment opportunities but also contribute to the automobile industry, as the survey SKF launched returned results of a shortage of skilled garage mechanics to service the complex vehicles being produced today.

Indian Service and Manufacturing Industries

An Indian Government Report estimates that around 120 million skilled workers will soon be required across various sectors of the Indian Manufacturing and servicing industries. Quoting Shishir Joshipura, “In order to leverage our demographic dividend, providing gainful employment to the incoming youth is critical,” managing director and country manager of SKF India Ltd. The course which is 6 months long, cover both repair and maintenance knowledge and is designed with an eye on the modern-day requirements of the automobile industry.
SKF hopes to provide a platform to youngsters and give them hope to write their own future with the YES programme.

The YES Programme also Includes

• E-Learning
• Communication
• English Language Skills
• Personality Development
• Customer Interaction
• Front Desk Management
• Financial Literacy

Partnering Up

The SKF group partnered up with two non-profit organizations who are already working with underprivileged youth to make the YES programme a reality. The Don Bosco Technical Institute is the implementation partner at the training centres. The goal is to train 5000 young workers over a period of 5 years. The foundations responsible for recruiting the participants are the Don Bosco Technical Institute and the Sambhav foundations. There is a huge demand in rural areas of India and SKF is hoping that the graduates, after working two to three years will seek SKF’s help to set up their own service centres. SKF is committed to giving them a start-up kit and assistance for bank linkage.

The Automotive Market in India

Were you aware of the fact that approximately 20 million vehicles are added every year, which means that the need for skilled technicians to service them are also growing. SKF is using their resources and setting up participants from outside the cities with accommodation and food.
SKF in India strives to empower and employ the youth the of India in the hopes of creating a better future. Find all the SKF parts you need today from Africa Bearings.