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SKF Food and Beverage Technology | Africa Bearings

SKF Food and Beverage Technology

Posted on: October 31st, 2017 

When it comes to improving production, complying with strict health, safety, and environmental regulations as well as reducing costs SKF is always looking for new technology that can address each businesses individual challenges. The main challenges are regulations, costs, sustainability, and output.

SKF’s Food and Beverage Technology Solutions for the processing stage:

  • Preparation
  • Application of Heat
  • Removal of Heat
  • Post-processing and packaging

Food and Beverage Technology

Preparation Challenges:

Excessive Moisture and Contamination

Requiring a lot of water or liquids in the process of washing, peeling, separating and blending results in high humidity levels, combined with cleaning agents and contaminants can cause a breach in the bearing seals and corrosion issues resulting in unplanned downtime, increased maintenance and also a safety risk for workers.

Tight Production Timelines

During limited season timeframes, many raw materials arrive and need to be processed quickly. Operating parameters of these assets are pushed to the limit, accelerating wear and risk of unplanned downtime.

Relubrication Free Solutions for

  • High-pressure washdowns
  • Dust and contaminants
  • High humidity

Manual Maintenance Solutions for:

  • Lubrication Management
  • Sealing Solutions

Maintenance Automation Solutions for:

  • Bearing Lubrication
  • Chains Lubrication
  • SKF Chains

Food and Beverage Technology

Processing by Application of Heat

High Temperatures equal High Operating Costs

Frequent relubrication is required in high-temperature food grade applications such as baking, frying, and roasting. Re-lubricating with high-temperature food grade grease is costly, yet very important to prevent maintenance costs and an increased risk of grease leaks that may result in contaminated products.

For such extreme temperature challenges, SKF’s graphite based, re-lubrication-free bearing technology can help you increase equipment performance and line efficiency, ultimately reducing your overall operating costs.

Relubrication Free Operation Solutions for

  • High Temperature Bearings and Units
  • Fryer Bearing Units
  • Water Oven Units
  • Double Shielded Deep Groove Ball Units

Manual Maintenance Solutions for

  • Lubrication Tools
  • DialSet Software
  • Grease Replenishment Points
  • High-Temperature Seals

Automatic Lubrication Solutions For

  • ChainLube Airless Oil Projection Systems
  • Grease Injection Systems for Continuous Sterilisers


Processing by Removal of Heat

Sub-zero temperatures require more maintenance

When freezing, chilling, and cooling sub-zero temperatures frequent maintenance is required. During the cleaning process, rapid temperature increases causing a breath effect in the bearing, allowing moisture to enter. Early replacement or failure is necessary when grease emulsification and subsequent erosion occur.

In extreme cases, ring fractures can result from blocking caused by frozen water droplets. This can be costly, ranging from relubrication operations requiring large amounts of low-temperature food-grade grease, to bearing failures and unplanned stoppages.

Relubrication Free Operation Solutions for

  • Corrosion-resistant bearings with solid oil
  • Food line Y-bearings
  • Lubricated for life, custom grease filled bearings

Manual Maintenance Solutions for

  • Seals for low temperature
  • Relubrication Tools
  • Grease test kit

Automatic Lubrication Solutions for

  • ChainLube airless oil projection systems
  • ChainLube air assisted oil projection systems


Post-processing and packaging

Improve food production line efficiency with SKF

Unplanned stops in filling, packaging or palletizing assets can limit line efficiencies. Hygienic cleaning of assets within the food production line can damage seals and cause bearing corrosion.Excessive re-greasing can contaminate products and packaging.

By utilizing SKF’s relubrication-free bearing technologies, you save the cost of lubricants, labor and reduce the risks of unplanned failure due to inadequate or over-lubrication.Address with speed any sealing system failures. At SKF, you get customized solutions in a very short time and the convenience of machined solutions offered as standard.

Relubrication Free Operation Solutions for

  • High-pressure washdowns
  • High humidity
  • High stock loads

With our new food and beverage technology, Africa Bearings aims to supply you with affordable, reliable SKF products that you can trust to reduce your overall maintenance costs and increase your productivity by cutting out unplanned for downtime. Contact us today for a free quote.