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SKF Explorer Tapered Roller Bearings | Africa Bearings
SKF Explorer Tapered Roller Bearings

SKF Explorer Tapered Roller Bearings

Posted on: January 19th, 2018 

Get more up time all the time


SKF Explorer tapered roller bearings for your toughest challenges

In today’s industrial world, you need solutions that
are able to handle the toughest challenges and
ready to meet even greater demands. Solutions
that work harder, work longer and work safer.
Solutions robust enough to cope with challenging
conditions and testing environments. Solutions that
deliver longer and more consistent periods of
uptime to ensure greater productivity and
We understand what markets demand and the size
of the challenges you face. Only through understanding
these challenges can we come up with
better, more effective solutions.

  • You need a tapered roller bearing that can
    handle high loads.
  • A tapered roller bearing that is both durable
    and reliable.
  • A tapered roller bearing that is not going to
    compromise your productivity and safety.
  • A tapered roller bearing that can withstand
    challenging and extreme conditions.

Always innovating on your behalf

You need a solution that meets all your challenges. That is why we’re working to develop new ideas that answer those needs. For example, the dynamic load rating is one of the most common factors considered by customers when choosing rolling bearings, but bearing performs in the field is also impacted by the bearing’s material composition, surface finish and contact profile. Additionally, application it, lubrication, sealing and mounting are all essential in maximizing the bearings service life. We understand the practicality of this situation and we’ve developed a solution that addresses these needs.

You told us we listened

“I need more reliable, better
performing tapered roller bearings”

For gearboxes

One that supporting higher loads. Survives challenging conditions. Resists
contamination. Enables easier mounting. Maintains clearance pre-load set
during mounting. Provides a longer life.

For pinions, and fluid pumps

One that copes with inadequate lubrication. Achieves higher speeds with lower friction. Supports heavy loads. Maintains high stiffness under preload. Offers low friction during running-in.

For truck and trailer wheels

One that provides refillable lubricant film formation for the rolling contacts. Copes with misalignment and cornering load. Performs successfully at low/medium speeds and with varying loads.

Setting new standards

Only SKF Explorer tapered roller
bearings answer all your

In order to understand all our different
customers’ needs, our engineers spoke
with key customer groups to identify
their speciic requirements. The result is
an innovative, and practical tapered
roller bearing solution that overcomes a
wide range of individual challenges.

  • Long service life – in tests, SKF came
    out on top for best service life
  • Increased dynamic load ratings by
    up to 23% – SKF Explorer have the
    highest ratings
  • Reduced early failure – design
    features and manufacturing process
    set the standards for high reliability
  • Better performance – low friction
    torque, noise, and vibration, increased
    speed and running accuracy
  • Optimum combination of material
    and heat treatment – for high
    fatigue life, increased contamination
    resistance and improved dimensional
  • Customisable – for specific requirements like high speeds, heavy loads,
    contaminated environment, high
    temperature and vibratory conditions

More uptime, less maintenance
– reliability built-in

You can rely on SKF Explorer tapered
roller bearings. In heavy-duty
applications, they’re strong enough to
support heavy loads. In challenging
conditions, they’re robust enough to
perform better and last longer.
And with SKF’s global presence and
proven expertise, you’ve got a partner
that you can rely on, too.


For more detailed information download in PDF format

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