Ball Bearings

Ball Bearings

SKF ball bearings come in a wide variety of types, designs, series, sizes, variants and materials. Depending on the bearing design, SKF ball bearings are available in four performance classes.

  • SKF Standard
  • SKF Explorer
  • SKF Energy Efficient
  • SKF Super-precision


Standard SKF ball bearings have long been known for their superior quality and long service life.  However, some applications must accommodate higher loads while reducing friction, heat and wear in the bearing. For these applications, SKF Explorer bearings are the obvious choice.


The SKF Explorer performance class of ball bearings is in response to the ever-demanding performance requirements of modern machinery.
SKF Explorer ball bearings realized this substantial improvement in performance by optimizing the internal geometry and surface finish of all contact surfaces, redesigning the cage, combining the extremely clean and homogenous steel with a unique heat treatment and improving the quality and consistency of the balls.


SKF Energy Efficient (E2) bearings are ideal for light-to-normal load applications, where there is a need to improve reliability, decrease lubricant consumption and reduce energy consumption. Ball bearings within this performance class are characterized by a frictional moment in the bearing that is at least 30% lower when compared to a same-sized SKF Explorer bearing.
The bearings realized the substantial reduction of the frictional moment by optimizing the internal geometry of the bearing, redesigning the cage and applying a new, low-friction grease.


SKF super-precision bearings are used in high-speed, precision applications like machine tools, centrifuges, and printing presses, where high speeds, running accuracy and long service life are critical operational parameters.


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