ABR Fox Disc Flap Pro 115 mm


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Professional Flap Discs are manufactured with higher grade fiber backing and increased number of abrasives flaps for longer life and increased performance.

Fox Flap Discs are made of Alumina-Zirconia coated flaps fastened to a glass fiber backing. Zirconia is a premium grain offering toughness, durability & reducing heat whilst grinding.

Achieves blending & finishing in one operation, replacing grinding discs & resin fiber discs increased performance & reduced downtime (less changing of discs) makes for cost savings & improved productivity.

Uses of ABR Foz Disc Flap

  • grinding & finishing of welds deburring
  • rust removal & snagging all ferrous & non-ferrous materials
  • excellent for surface finishing inaccessible locations

Please note the ABR Fox Disc Flap is for dry grinding only.


Additional information

Grit Size

40, 60, 80, 120


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