Know Your Bearings

Know Your Bearings

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 

When it comes to bearings, they can range from being smaller than a grain of rice to being large enough to fit several people. a Bearing can be found everywhere – from cars to computers, to large-scale machinery. With this in mind, it’s easy to assume that you get different kinds of bearings, suited for different applications. Here are some of the most common types.

Plain Bearings

a Bearing in its simplest form. These have no rolling elements and just feature the bearing surface. a Plain bearing has a high load-carrying capacity and is usually the most affordable of bearings.

The Rolling Element Bearing

There are 2 types of roller element bearings, i.e. a ball bearing and a roller bearing. They contain balls placed between two rings, also known as races, which allow for smooth motion with limited resistance.

The Jewel Bearing

The jewel bearing is similar to a plain bearing but contains a metal spindle that turns in a jewel-lined pivot hole. This type of bearing features an off-center axle and tends to be used in clocks and watches.

The Fluid Bearing

Using a layer of gas or liquid to support its weight, fluid bearings are used in high-load, high-speed and high-precision applications.

The Magnetic Bearing

It should come as no surprise that a magnetic bearing supports moving parts magnetically, i.e. no contact is needed to carry loads. These have low and predictable friction and don’t require any lubrication to run. Magnetic bearings are normally used in industrial machines.

The Flexure Bearing

a Flexure bearing supports motion using a load element that bends. They are known for resistance to fatigue and can have an indefinite lifespan with the right materials and bearing design.

These are just a few basic examples of bearings that exist. Each category can be broken down into many sub-types, each made for specific purposes. At Africa Bearings, we supply a wide range of bearings to the South African market to meet a variety of industrial and automotive needs. Contact us to talk about your bearing needs!