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Extending Machinery Life

Posted on: May 4th, 2015 

For any business, downtime will lead to lost profits. When dealing with specialised heavy equipment, the situation becomes all the more serious, as replacement and repairs are usually expensive. It is therefore important to keep your machinery in good working order through constant maintenance. Here follows 5 tips to keep your machinery going:


The operator has a significant influence over the condition of machinery. Correct operation of machinery assists in keeping it in good working order and can even extend its lifecycle. Operator and/or product training is therefore very important and should be done periodically and not on a once-off basis.


Lubrication is necessary for any machinery with moving parts as it reduces friction. A schedule should be followed to make sure lubricants are kept at optimal levels. It is necessary to note that you should use the right lubrication for specific components – check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Wear and Tear

Even under normal operating conditions, wear and tear does take place. This can be due to vibration, high temperatures, friction or a number of factors. If left unchecked, it will lead to a breakdown of heavy machinery components. Make sure to monitor worn parts and replace or repair as necessary before they break.

Keep It Clean

Heavy machines have seals and filters for a reason – keeping critical components clean and contaminant-free. Make sure to check these on a regular basis to ensure that they’re in good condition.

Schedules and Records

All critical components should be checked often. This includes electrical systems, tracks and tyres, fluids and more. As part of a maintenance plan, you should know exactly what needs to be serviced and when. Keep record of when you perform checks and the condition of the parts in order to stay on top of your maintenance plan.

Following these simple steps can extend the lifecycle of heavy machinery, keeping it in good working order and saving you money.