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Everything you need to know about the SKF Enlight QuickCollect Sensor

Posted on: June 14th, 2018 

In this months article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about the SKF Enlight QuickCollect Sensor. We will be delving deep into the technical details, from how to use the device & app to safety precautions.

1. Typical Operations.
2. Applications that provide the user functionality and measurement capabilities.
3. Launching QuickCollect for the first time.
4. Preparing to take a measurement
5. Taking measurements
6. Additional functionality
7. Safety Precautions

1. Typical Operations

1.1 Who would use the sensor?

  •  Service Personnel
  •  Reliability Personnel
  •  Operations Personnel
  •  Maintenance Personnel

1.2. How does all the data get saved?

Connect real-time or share/save data to the Cloud by installing the system app to either your phone, tablet or smartwatch. With the SKF DataCollect app and subscription to SKF services, you can send the data to SKF experts to analyse. The wireless vibration and temperature sensor allows the user to monitor hundreds of assets per day and thousands of assets per month.

2. Applications that provide the user functionality and measurement capabilities.

Providing basic measurement capability with the SKF QuickCollect App

Providing extended measurement and data collection capability, ability to access Cloud storage and data sharing, and ability to access to SKF Remote Diagnostic Services with the SKF DataCollect app

3. Launching QuickCollect for the first time.

3.1 Tap the SKF QuickCollect icon on your device. The welcome screen will appear.

3.2 Tap Configure thresholds to jump directly to the Settings table and configure your measurement danger and alert alarm thresholds, or tap Skip to navigate to the app’s home screen.

3.3 Tap to select Stop reminding me to skip this welcome screen when you launch the app in the future.

4. Preparing to take a measurement

5. Taking measurements

6. Additional functionality

There are further functional elements which you should familiarise yourself with, these include:

  • Over-the-Air Firmware Updates (OTA)
  • Viewing Graphical Measurement Results
  • Reporting Measurement Results

7. Safety Precautions

7.1 Personnel Safety

Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery. Keep your hair, clothing and gloves away from moving parts. Do not overreach. Maintain proper footing and balance at all times to enable better control of the device during unexpected situations. Use safety equipment. Always wear eye protection. Non-skid safety shoes, hard hat or hearing protection must be used in the appropriate settings. Do not repair or adjust energised equipment alone, under any circumstances. Someone capable of providing first aid must always be present for your safety. To work on or near high-voltage equipment, you should be familiar with approved industrial first-aid methods. Always obtain first aid or medical attention immediately after sustaining an injury. Never neglect an injury, no matter how superficial it seems.

7.2 Device Safety

Devices must only be serviced by qualified SKF repair personnel. Use only accessories recommended or provided by SKF or the manufacturer.

7.3 Energised equipment

Never work on energised equipment unless authorised by a responsible authority. Energised electrical equipment is dangerous. Electric shocks from energised equipment can be fatal. If you must perform authorised emergency work on energised equipment, be sure that you comply entirely with approved safety regulations. 1 – 2 QuickCollect User Manual

7.4 No Submersion/Immersion

This equipment is IP67-rated. It is dust-tight and resistant to accidental immersion in liquid up to a depth of 1 m (39.37 in.) for up to 30 minutes. If the instrument is subjected to more extreme conditions, this may result in adverse operation.

7.5 Avoiding Damage and Injury

To avoid costly damage to the instrument or injury caused by the instrument falling, place the instrument on a solid stable surface when not in use and do not place any heavy objects on it. Use a damp, clean cloth for cleaning. Do not use cleaning fluids, abrasives or aerosols. These might cause damage, fire or electrical shock. Do not open the device cover in a hazardous area or in locations where contact with water or other contaminants may occur.

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SKF QuickCollect Sensor

Posted on: February 28th, 2018 

The SKF QuickCollect sensor is an easy to
use bluetooth enabled handheld sensor
that connects to apps on your tablet,
smart phone or smart watch. Combining
vibration and temperature sensing, overall
data can be viewed on the spot in real
time or pushed to the cloud for future
This SKF QuickCollect sensor is ideal for
service, reliability, operations, or maintenance
personnel as part of a walk around
data collection program.

Features of the SKF QuickCollect Sensor

  • Velocity, acceleration enveloping, and
    temperature measurements
  •  Bluetooth communication with tablets,
    smart phones, smart watches
  •  Easy to use sensor and apps
  •  Easy to understand indications of machine
  • Rugged industrial design – Drop test 1,8 m
    (6 ft.), water and dust resistant (IP65)
  •  Suitable for use in hazardous environments
    (ATEX Zone 1, Class 1, Div 1)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
    (8 hours normal usage)
  •  Option to connect, store and share data on
    the Cloud
  • Option to connect directly to SKF Remote
    Diagnostic Services

Benefits of the SKF QuickCollect Sensor

  • Gets you started quickly
  • Can be used with minimum training and experience
  • Identify developing rotating machinery issues before they become problems
  • Connect directly to expert advice when you need it
  • Expand functionality via apps to grow and compliment your existing maintenance program

Controls and Indicators



Measurement Displays



SKF Enlight QuickCollect System

The SKF QuickCollect sensor can be used
with the SKF QuickCollect app, or with SKF
DataCollect app which provides additional
functionality, including the ability to store and share data via the SKF cloud, and to
directly access SKF Remote Diagnostic


For more information on technical specifications download the SKF PDF Document: pdf-icon-1

SKF Explorer Tapered Roller Bearings

Posted on: January 19th, 2018 

Get more up time all the time


SKF Explorer tapered roller bearings for your toughest challenges

In today’s industrial world, you need solutions that
are able to handle the toughest challenges and
ready to meet even greater demands. Solutions
that work harder, work longer and work safer.
Solutions robust enough to cope with challenging
conditions and testing environments. Solutions that
deliver longer and more consistent periods of
uptime to ensure greater productivity and
We understand what markets demand and the size
of the challenges you face. Only through understanding
these challenges can we come up with
better, more effective solutions.

  • You need a tapered roller bearing that can
    handle high loads.
  • A tapered roller bearing that is both durable
    and reliable.
  • A tapered roller bearing that is not going to
    compromise your productivity and safety.
  • A tapered roller bearing that can withstand
    challenging and extreme conditions.

Always innovating on your behalf

You need a solution that meets all your challenges. That is why we’re working to develop new ideas that answer those needs. For example, the dynamic load rating is one of the most common factors considered by customers when choosing rolling bearings, but bearing performs in the field is also impacted by the bearing’s material composition, surface finish and contact profile. Additionally, application it, lubrication, sealing and mounting are all essential in maximizing the bearings service life. We understand the practicality of this situation and we’ve developed a solution that addresses these needs.

You told us we listened

“I need more reliable, better
performing tapered roller bearings”

For gearboxes

One that supporting higher loads. Survives challenging conditions. Resists
contamination. Enables easier mounting. Maintains clearance pre-load set
during mounting. Provides a longer life.

For pinions, and fluid pumps

One that copes with inadequate lubrication. Achieves higher speeds with lower friction. Supports heavy loads. Maintains high stiffness under preload. Offers low friction during running-in.

For truck and trailer wheels

One that provides refillable lubricant film formation for the rolling contacts. Copes with misalignment and cornering load. Performs successfully at low/medium speeds and with varying loads.

Setting new standards

Only SKF Explorer tapered roller
bearings answer all your

In order to understand all our different
customers’ needs, our engineers spoke
with key customer groups to identify
their speciic requirements. The result is
an innovative, and practical tapered
roller bearing solution that overcomes a
wide range of individual challenges.

  • Long service life – in tests, SKF came
    out on top for best service life
  • Increased dynamic load ratings by
    up to 23% – SKF Explorer have the
    highest ratings
  • Reduced early failure – design
    features and manufacturing process
    set the standards for high reliability
  • Better performance – low friction
    torque, noise, and vibration, increased
    speed and running accuracy
  • Optimum combination of material
    and heat treatment – for high
    fatigue life, increased contamination
    resistance and improved dimensional
  • Customisable – for specific requirements like high speeds, heavy loads,
    contaminated environment, high
    temperature and vibratory conditions

More uptime, less maintenance
– reliability built-in

You can rely on SKF Explorer tapered
roller bearings. In heavy-duty
applications, they’re strong enough to
support heavy loads. In challenging
conditions, they’re robust enough to
perform better and last longer.
And with SKF’s global presence and
proven expertise, you’ve got a partner
that you can rely on, too.


For more detailed information download in PDF format

TRB Sales Brochure

SKF Food and Beverage Technology

Posted on: October 31st, 2017 

When it comes to improving production, complying with strict health, safety, and environmental regulations as well as reducing costs SKF is always looking for new technology that can address each businesses individual challenges. The main challenges are regulations, costs, sustainability, and output.

SKF’s Food and Beverage Technology Solutions for the processing stage:

  • Preparation
  • Application of Heat
  • Removal of Heat
  • Post-processing and packaging

Food and Beverage Technology

Preparation Challenges:

Excessive Moisture and Contamination

Requiring a lot of water or liquids in the process of washing, peeling, separating and blending results in high humidity levels, combined with cleaning agents and contaminants can cause a breach in the bearing seals and corrosion issues resulting in unplanned downtime, increased maintenance and also a safety risk for workers.

Tight Production Timelines

During limited season timeframes, many raw materials arrive and need to be processed quickly. Operating parameters of these assets are pushed to the limit, accelerating wear and risk of unplanned downtime.

Relubrication Free Solutions for

  • High-pressure washdowns
  • Dust and contaminants
  • High humidity

Manual Maintenance Solutions for:

  • Lubrication Management
  • Sealing Solutions

Maintenance Automation Solutions for:

  • Bearing Lubrication
  • Chains Lubrication
  • SKF Chains

Food and Beverage Technology

Processing by Application of Heat

High Temperatures equal High Operating Costs

Frequent relubrication is required in high-temperature food grade applications such as baking, frying, and roasting. Re-lubricating with high-temperature food grade grease is costly, yet very important to prevent maintenance costs and an increased risk of grease leaks that may result in contaminated products.

For such extreme temperature challenges, SKF’s graphite based, re-lubrication-free bearing technology can help you increase equipment performance and line efficiency, ultimately reducing your overall operating costs.

Relubrication Free Operation Solutions for

  • High Temperature Bearings and Units
  • Fryer Bearing Units
  • Water Oven Units
  • Double Shielded Deep Groove Ball Units

Manual Maintenance Solutions for

  • Lubrication Tools
  • DialSet Software
  • Grease Replenishment Points
  • High-Temperature Seals

Automatic Lubrication Solutions For

  • ChainLube Airless Oil Projection Systems
  • Grease Injection Systems for Continuous Sterilisers


Processing by Removal of Heat

Sub-zero temperatures require more maintenance

When freezing, chilling, and cooling sub-zero temperatures frequent maintenance is required. During the cleaning process, rapid temperature increases causing a breath effect in the bearing, allowing moisture to enter. Early replacement or failure is necessary when grease emulsification and subsequent erosion occur.

In extreme cases, ring fractures can result from blocking caused by frozen water droplets. This can be costly, ranging from relubrication operations requiring large amounts of low-temperature food-grade grease, to bearing failures and unplanned stoppages.

Relubrication Free Operation Solutions for

  • Corrosion-resistant bearings with solid oil
  • Food line Y-bearings
  • Lubricated for life, custom grease filled bearings

Manual Maintenance Solutions for

  • Seals for low temperature
  • Relubrication Tools
  • Grease test kit

Automatic Lubrication Solutions for

  • ChainLube airless oil projection systems
  • ChainLube air assisted oil projection systems


Post-processing and packaging

Improve food production line efficiency with SKF

Unplanned stops in filling, packaging or palletizing assets can limit line efficiencies. Hygienic cleaning of assets within the food production line can damage seals and cause bearing corrosion.Excessive re-greasing can contaminate products and packaging.

By utilizing SKF’s relubrication-free bearing technologies, you save the cost of lubricants, labor and reduce the risks of unplanned failure due to inadequate or over-lubrication.Address with speed any sealing system failures. At SKF, you get customized solutions in a very short time and the convenience of machined solutions offered as standard.

Relubrication Free Operation Solutions for

  • High-pressure washdowns
  • High humidity
  • High stock loads

With our new food and beverage technology, Africa Bearings aims to supply you with affordable, reliable SKF products that you can trust to reduce your overall maintenance costs and increase your productivity by cutting out unplanned for downtime. Contact us today for a free quote.

From Top Class Bearings to Africa Bearings

Posted on: August 16th, 2017 
Top Class Bearings Name Change
Top Class Bearings to Africa Bearings

Other than the name, not much has changed

Top Class Bearings has become a familiar name in the Industry, known for quality products and reliable services. With our name change, we will continue supplying our clients with that which they have become accustomed to. We may have changed our name from Top Class Bearings to Africa Bearings, but our values and dedication remain intact. With a great name comes great responsibility, Africa Bearings aim is to become a nationally recognised brand.

So, why the name change?

To put it in simple terms; a company named Torre Parts and Components has acquired Top Class Bearings elder sibling Top Class Automotive. The agreement was that Top-Class Bearings would need to change its name, as “Top Class” is an associated brand founded by owner Richard Pinard back in 1997.

What else has changed?

New Telephone Number:
021 060 0487

Postal Address:
P.O. box 574,
Century City

Africa Bearings Industry Range

We will continue supplying your business with quality products and services to Industries with tailor-made solutions to reduce energy consumption and help improve performance in the following areas:

With a secure and updated website, a new logo design and a winning attitude; we are ready to take on bigger challenges and we are excited about the future of Africa Bearings. For more information on the purchase of Top Class Automotive by Torre Parts and Components view this article.

SKF in India

Posted on: August 15th, 2017 

With two centres up and running in India and a plan to build three more in the Cities where SKF is present, the programme “YES”, short for the “Youth Empowerment Programme” has been running since 2013. This programme is set to train the youth of India between the ages of 18 and 24 who come from economically challenged backgrounds and equip them with skills that can generate a livelihood. This programme will not only benefit the country by supplying employment opportunities but also contribute to the automobile industry, as the survey SKF launched returned results of a shortage of skilled garage mechanics to service the complex vehicles being produced today.

Indian Service and Manufacturing Industries

An Indian Government Report estimates that around 120 million skilled workers will soon be required across various sectors of the Indian Manufacturing and servicing industries. Quoting Shishir Joshipura, “In order to leverage our demographic dividend, providing gainful employment to the incoming youth is critical,” managing director and country manager of SKF India Ltd. The course which is 6 months long, cover both repair and maintenance knowledge and is designed with an eye on the modern-day requirements of the automobile industry.
SKF hopes to provide a platform to youngsters and give them hope to write their own future with the YES programme.

The YES Programme also Includes

• E-Learning
• Communication
• English Language Skills
• Personality Development
• Customer Interaction
• Front Desk Management
• Financial Literacy

Partnering Up

The SKF group partnered up with two non-profit organizations who are already working with underprivileged youth to make the YES programme a reality. The Don Bosco Technical Institute is the implementation partner at the training centres. The goal is to train 5000 young workers over a period of 5 years. The foundations responsible for recruiting the participants are the Don Bosco Technical Institute and the Sambhav foundations. There is a huge demand in rural areas of India and SKF is hoping that the graduates, after working two to three years will seek SKF’s help to set up their own service centres. SKF is committed to giving them a start-up kit and assistance for bank linkage.

The Automotive Market in India

Were you aware of the fact that approximately 20 million vehicles are added every year, which means that the need for skilled technicians to service them are also growing. SKF is using their resources and setting up participants from outside the cities with accommodation and food.
SKF in India strives to empower and employ the youth the of India in the hopes of creating a better future. Find all the SKF parts you need today from Africa Bearings.

Where It All Started

Posted on: August 3rd, 2015 

If you think about all the technological advances that influenced the way we live today, bearings probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. The truth is that we owe a lot to this often-overlooked component.


The concept of a bearing can be traced back to rolling bodies used around the world, including Ancient Egypt. Rolling bodies were used to speed up the movement of large objects. In many cases, it was as simple as placing round timbers underneath rocks to roll them to where they were needed.


While rolling bodies are probably the earliest examples of this, the wheel is mostly responsible for inspiring the bearing. If you think about it, wheels and bearings are quite similar in concept – both work on the principle of rotation around a shaft. The advent of the wheel increased the speed with which large objects could be moved and decreased the wear and friction associated with other rolling bodies.


This brings us to bearings.

It should come as no surprise that the concept was originally the brainchild of Leonardo da Vinci. Like many of his ideas, his bearing design never made it off the paper.


Centuries later, bearings played a huge role in the Industrial Revolution. It was adapted and refined to suit different applications, resulting in the many different types of bearings we see today, as well as technological advances made in that period and even until today.


Africa Bearings is proud to supply the South African market with various kinds of bearings and related products, thereby contributing to how we live our modern lives and possibly playing a part in future advancements.

Know Your Bearings

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 

When it comes to bearings, they can range from being smaller than a grain of rice to being large enough to fit several people. a Bearing can be found everywhere – from cars to computers, to large-scale machinery. With this in mind, it’s easy to assume that you get different kinds of bearings, suited for different applications. Here are some of the most common types.

Plain Bearings

a Bearing in its simplest form. These have no rolling elements and just feature the bearing surface. a Plain bearing has a high load-carrying capacity and is usually the most affordable of bearings.

The Rolling Element Bearing

There are 2 types of roller element bearings, i.e. a ball bearing and a roller bearing. They contain balls placed between two rings, also known as races, which allow for smooth motion with limited resistance.

The Jewel Bearing

The jewel bearing is similar to a plain bearing but contains a metal spindle that turns in a jewel-lined pivot hole. This type of bearing features an off-center axle and tends to be used in clocks and watches.

The Fluid Bearing

Using a layer of gas or liquid to support its weight, fluid bearings are used in high-load, high-speed and high-precision applications.

The Magnetic Bearing

It should come as no surprise that a magnetic bearing supports moving parts magnetically, i.e. no contact is needed to carry loads. These have low and predictable friction and don’t require any lubrication to run. Magnetic bearings are normally used in industrial machines.

The Flexure Bearing

a Flexure bearing supports motion using a load element that bends. They are known for resistance to fatigue and can have an indefinite lifespan with the right materials and bearing design.

These are just a few basic examples of bearings that exist. Each category can be broken down into many sub-types, each made for specific purposes. At Africa Bearings, we supply a wide range of bearings to the South African market to meet a variety of industrial and automotive needs. Contact us to talk about your bearing needs!

SKF Receives Accolades

Posted on: July 6th, 2015 

SKF recently received top honours for outstanding performance in quality and logistics for manufacturing. This came at the PSA Group’s Best Supplier Awards ceremony in Poissy, France where they won 2 ‘Best Plant’ awards.

SKF is dedicated to achieving excellence in their manufacturing, resulting in superior quality products.

According to Aldo Cedrone, Director of Bearing Manufacturing for SKF, these awards acknowledge that they deliver on their brand promise and meet the high expectations of their customers around the world.

Africa Bearings is proud to be associated with this brand that is synonymous with quality, performance and innovation in the bearing market. Congratulations, SKF.

Quality Bearings


The Sky’s The Limit

Posted on: May 12th, 2015 

SKF has recently been awarded a very prestigious contract to supply bearings for next-generation aircraft engines.

CFM International, leading manufacturers of aircraft engines in the US, has awarded this much-coveted contract to SKF to supply mainshaft and gearbox bearings. These will be used in the LEAP engine programme, an aircraft turbofan engine.

SKF has been working closely with CFM International for a number of years, contributing manufacturing technology, design and testing knowledge of bearings. The LEAP engine programme will result in an aircraft engine that is lighter, quieter and much more fuel-efficient. It will also emit significantly less carbon than other aircraft engines.

We at Africa Bearings are proud to be associated with such a reputable manufacturer bringing unmatched quality to the bearings market in South Africa.